About Magecraft purchasing

Thanks for Tom’s video in Dice Tower, many player come to me and ask if they can purchase Magecraft online.

Here is some update on this.

For all backers who want additional copies, the price will be 20USD+10USD shipping.

For all non-backers, it would be 23USD +10 USD shipping.

I am now trying to approach some distributor to see if this can reduce the cost of shipping as now most money you pay will go to the post office.

However, if you would like to buy the game now, you can still send message to me!


Leave your Paypal account and how many copies do you want and I will return to you ASAP.


T.I.M.E Review:[Spoiler Free]

TIME Story is like a novel.
You can enjoy it, read it, immerse into it, but you can NEVER play it the second time and having enjoyment.

Component: (8/10)
Awesome quality for the cards, but I do not like the wood pieces.
The wood is a bit rotted and the surface is not smooth.
My dice is even a bit fault.

Replay Value:(0/10)
The game has NO replay value.
Please put this in your mind when considering this game.
However, I do not mean this game is bad, it is just having 0 replay value.

Rule Book:(7/10)
Some part of the rules is not clearly explain, and this forms a really serious problem when you play the game.
As mention before, it is a one time novel game. If you play it wrong, sorry, you have already know the game details and there is no chance to fix your error.
So, if you are going to play it, MAKE SURE YOU PLAY THE CORRECT RULES SET.

As a novel game, this game is really awesome on the theme and story.
As this is a spoiler free review, so I will not say how good it is.
However, I would say it is very good for those who love investigation story and horror story lover.
NOTICE: If you are not a fan of horror/ghost story, you need to notice it is a horror/ghost story which involve some terrifying images.

There isn’t many innovative mechanic in the game.
And I think the game is fun and casual, but not innovative.
I like the game but please do not expect a lot of strategy inside the game.
Most parts of the game is logic deduction and some simple decision making.
However, the mechanic of using tokens as a marking of “Flags” is nice.
It provide a nice way of tracking the stroy progress.
Total Score: (72/100)
Overall, the game is a good game and I will say it is a good to have.
However, please again keep in mind that this game is a one time novel and you will need expansion for a second advanture.
Go and watch some introduction before you play the game so that you can play this game with a CORRECT rules. So you will not face the same situation as me (I misplay some part of combat and that really hurts the experience.)

Remember, it is a great game, do not waste your money and read clearly every single part of the game rules before you start the game.

Magecraft Application (BETA)


The app for Magecraft is releasing!

Here you will get your link to the app and I should already set it available to most location in the world.

However, please note that it is a beta version and many things are still pending to be fixed.

Let me know what do you think about the game!

Now, you can enjoy playing with Magecraft on your mobile phone!